MEN summer 2010

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photos: christoph voy

BERLIN | 01.07. - 04.07. | FOURSTORE
CPH | 06.08. - 09.08. | Location TBA
TOKYO | 16.09. - 20.09. | DUNE showroom
PARIS | 01.10. - 05.10. | Agentur V showroom 2

leather shoulder (SS10-NE06)

calfleather, 2buttons

ed (SS10-AC-01)

linen, wool, leather

also in white

double coat

cotton, viscose
2 layers, 10buttons, 3 pockets, binding

more pictures in the womens lookbook!

short shots

cotton, wool, leather
4 pockets

also in white (SS10-M34)

two shirt
black (SS10-M01)

2 faces, 4 sleeves

faced bonded pants (SS10-M30)

silk, viscose, cotton
2 pockets, binding for adjustment of legs

two shirt
grey (SS10-M02)

2 faces, 4 sleeves

tank top (SS10-M08)


also in black (SS10-M09)

knitted camisoul

100% merino
unisex, min. 5 versions to wear
also cotton camisoul (SS10-M15)
also sleeveless camisoul (SS10-M16)

flutter coat (SS10-M20)

superlight wool, cotton lining
2 pockets, 2 buttons

short shots (SS10-M35)

viscose, 4 pockets
also creme version (SS10-M36)

fairy felted scarf

100% merino wool
handcrafted felted
fairy superlight

gadget bag (SS10-AC10)

cotton, leather,
1 + 2 pockets

bonded jumper (SS10-M12)

wool, cotton, leather
1 huge pocket
, binding

wool jumper (SS10-M11)

superlight wool, cotton

v shirt (SS10-M05)

doublelayered modal

knitted tank (SS10-M06)

back handknitted, front doublelayered vshirt

hooded jacket (SS10-M21)

superlight wool, cotton lining
zipped, 2pockets

braided vest (SS10-M40)

angorawool, cotton, felt, pleather

also in cremewhite (SS10-M41)
see images in womens lookbook

v longshirt (SS10-M10)

doublelayered modal

big bag (SS10-AC11)

felted wool
1 + 2 pockets, bottlebag

spider scarf (SS10-AC05)

cotton, handknitted

linen t (SS10-M03)

cotton, linen, leather

also in white (SS10-M04)

knick tide pants (SS10-M31)

wool, cotton, leather
removable legs

knitted tunic scarf (SS10-AC04)


big pants (SS10-M31)

viscose, cotton
2 pockets, binding

scarfed t (SS10-M07)

cotton, linen

brand chain (SS10-NE05)

branding, 100cm chain